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Member Testimonials:
"Being a member of the National Hemp Association has been extremely resourceful for our team at 357 Hemp Logistics.

Educational and informational with a community feel would be the best way to describe our experience.

We met Anna and her team at the Texas Hemp Convention and immediately knew they were the type of people we wanted to surround ourselves with as we grew our company within the logistics component of the hemp supply chain."

Kevin Schultz
Co-Founder and President,
357 Hemp Logistics
The non-profit National Hemp Association is the first hemp  organization to partake in a digital badge certification program.

This badge certification program will not only benefit our members, including both Individual and Business, but it will protect and
verify NHA representatives and members of the organization 
in communications to the public through digital credentialing measures.

By providing these same digital credentials to our members, we respond to address a need conveyed by the industry to provide Members, stakeholders, and the public with comfort that they are interacting with the National Hemp Association or a Member.

NHA Badges will help address the ongoing issues of digital security and servicer authentication.
Recent Initiatives:
NHA 2020 Initiatives including coordination with the Biden-Harris Climate Action Plan, First Friday Town Halls, Digital Badges, the Hemp Pledge, and our new Standing Committees of Hemp Organizations and Social Equity are now in action. 

We have a new list of initiatives that YOU can support and get the latest hemp information by joining our email list below and getting all your FREE hemp rewards for joining:  
This is what we've done, what we are doing, and what you can help be part of
We continue to work with legislators in Washington and our members to grow the industry.  Here is an abbreviated list of accomplishments:
We have:
• Developed key relations with the Biden-Harris Administration
• Testified on the IFR at 2019 US Senate Ag Committee Hearing and continued working with Representatives for improvements of the USDA Final Rule
• First to meet with FDA and DEA to discuss hemp after the Farm Bill
• Collaborated with USDA General Counsel to secure issuance of legal opinion on hemp post Farm Bill
• Collaborated with USDA Foreign Agricultural Services, Customs and order Patrol and SBA post Farm Bill
• Met with the US Trade Representative on Import issues and concerns
• Supported Stakeholder Groups including American Banking          Association and ELFA
• Worked with Treasury to secure issuance of banking guidance
• Worked with HHS and NIDA to advance access to plant materials for research
• Worked with NGA, NASDA, State officials and State agencies  
• Worked with Customs & Border Protection on seed importation    issues
• Worked to secure Senator Schumer support of McConnell lead Hemp Farming Act of 2018
What's Next:
There is still much work to be done, and we would love to have your support.  From addressing farming equalities with the USDA, to addressing potential interference from the DEA, the NHA is working every day to protect the hemp industry and it's future.

We continue to work with legislators in Washington as well as business and individual members to grow the industry.  Will you join us today? (And get all this great hemp information and bonuses FREE!)  
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